eXtensible Site Manager - a Fast, inline edited content management system designed to minimise server load

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XSM - eXtensible Site Manager

XSM is a content management system designed for online WYSIWYG editing of high bandwidth sites. When content is saved it generates static pages which can be served very easily by any web server. For Apache users there are some advanced features such as password protecting this static content.

Since XSM 2.0 content is edited inline by clicking on the "Edit" link on any page.

We hope you enjoy this CMS but please be patient as we transition our codebase to GitHub

To get up and running in no time at all clone this repo, go to the "xsm-web" directory and execute "mvn jetty:run" then point a browser to http://localhost:9090


If you are interested in support or just catching up you can join our google group - http://groups.google.com/group/xsm-users/